Wednesday, October 14, 2009


What a great day! Harvest Fest a Success.

Beginning with the Kelly Brothers who saw the Harvest Fest sign and rode their bikes in off the road at 9:30 to the crew who were finally finishing up pressing cider at 5 PM, it was a very successful community celebration of the Orchard and Valley heritages. It was also a time for the Stehekin community to slow down, relax, and visit after a busy summer. Glenn Miller's In the Mood seemed to capture the tone of the day.

The activity and interest caused some Buckner Family members to get a little misty-eyed, and the Buckner Sisters, Hobbie and Bucky, both enjoyed the day immensely.

It was very gratifying to hear and talk with many of the people going out on the boat on Sunday as to the really enjoyable and unique time they experienced. I didn't realize until I looked back at some of the conversations and sign-in's that we had people from outside the Valley from as far away as New Brunswick, Canada, California, Oregon, Alaska, Massachusetts, and Idaho.

By the numbers: 150 attendees, 140-150 gallons of cider made, 50+ boxes of apples taken home, 10 gallons of chili consumed, and innumerable conversations to go with the great food.

Did anyone else notice how exceedingly well-behaved and involved all those kids were? It was great! And, of course, they were the most photogenic of all of us who were there.

Photos from the Harvest Fest can be viewed by clicking here.

Many thanks to all who helped in a great variety of ways, especially Jo Anne Reiter, a Foundation board member, who was the chief facilitator for the Harvest Fest, and to Wendy and Phil Garfoot, for hosting this event in their front yard!

So, where do we go from here next year? The centennial year for the Buckner Ranch and Orchard kicks off in November of 2010 and we are exploring various ways we can celebrate, as well as perpetuate a strong base of support for the Orchard and Ranch. Any suggestions you might have on the centennial or Harvest Fest are most welcome.

Here are links to a column by Wilfred Woods in the Wenatchee World regarding the Harvest Fest and to additional photos by Kris Robinson on the Stehekin Choice web site.

Wilfred's column

Stehekin Choice

The Foundation will be kicking off its membership drive in December for the 2010 year, and will be organizing work parties in late spring and early summer to ready the ditches for irrigation, removing mouse guards from trees, mowing, and constructing a new bear and elk fence on another section of the orchard.

Volunteers are still needed now for installing mouse guards, removing apples to prevent bear damage, and other necessary seasonal chores. Please contact the Foundation at if you have time to volunteer. Even an hour helps.

Make our website a favorite and keep up-to-date with happenings at the Buckner Ranch and Orchard and support our efforts in whatever manner you can.

Herb Sargo, President

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