Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Our sincere thanks to the following people who helped make the First Annual Harvest Fest such a success!

Phil and Wendy Garfoot
Laurie Thompson
Tom Courtney Tug and Barge
Phil Gans
Stehekin Valley Ranch
Jean Vavrek
Ron Scutt
Keith and Adrienne Carpenter
JoAnne and Phil Reiter
Herb and Christine Sargo
Jim and Cinda Gilbert
Bill Stegeman
Vicki Gempko
Hobbie Morehead
Bucky Gans
Mark Scherer
Evie and Jay Dutton
Norma and Vince Ward
Rene Courtney
Stehekin Choice
Judy and Joe Kalt
Doug England
Christopher Sargo
Dave Dudley
Jerry Eisnehart/golakechelan.com
All those who attended and contributed in so many ways!

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