Friday, May 14, 2010


Long-time member, Ray (Toad) O'Neal of Chelan recently announced his retirement from the Foundation board. Toad is the last of the original board members and will be sorely missed. His ability to get things done in the community, bring humor to our discussions, and to provide a history of both the Foundation and the Stehekin Valley were very much appreciated. Thank you, Toad!

Newly-elected to the Board is Brun Garfoot of Stehekin who brings an unique perspective and passion to the Foundation Board. The son of Wendy and Phil Garfoot, Brun grew up at the Buckner Homestead, living in the Buckner House, and currently resides in Stehekin with his wife, Mindy, and their children. Brun carries on another family tradition, his mother, Wendy, was a long-serving original board member.

Thank you, Toad and Brun, for your willingness to help further the work of the Foundation in supporting and preserving the Buckner Orchard and Homestead.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Approved minutes of July 22, 2009 board meeting in Stehekin
Read two items of correspondence
Approved incorporation of on-line board voting in minutes of this meeting

Treasurer reported on 2009 and 2010 to-date, current balance = $14,177.45
Adopted budget for 2010
Approved use of Pay Pal for one year for on-line memberships, donations, and Adopt-A-Tree
Approved IRS-mandated policy on disbursing of funds if Foundation dissolves
Approved change of fiscal year to align with membership year, Jan. 1 - Dec. 31

Approved election cycle for the Board
Re-elected Cinda Gilbert and Herb Sargo to the Board (3-year terms)
Re-elected (1-year terms)
Herb Sargo, Sedro-Woolley, President
Cinda Gilbert, Manson, Treasurer
Jo Anne Reiter, Walla Walla, Secretary
Ray (Toad) O'Neal has retired from the board and will be sorely missed. His replacement was discussed.

GOALS for 2010 (adopted)
1. A minimum of 100 people will attend the Annual Harvest Fest
2. A minimum of two Foundation-sponsored work parties will be held to support the orchard and homestead
3. A minimum of at least one interpretative project will be undertaken in 2010 in collaboration with the NPS and other appropriate organizations
4. Obtain funding from an outside source(s) for a minimum of one priority project

Orchard and Homestead - Laurie
light winter with minimal snow and elk damage - all in good shape
Recently acquired brush flailer is working, with some notable quirks that will be addressed
No expansion of the elk/bear fence will take place this year
May be a lighter crop this year - quite heavy last year
Boy Scouts may possibly do service projects at the Homestead

Incorporation and Nonprofit status - Herb
Incorporated in State of Washington as of January 2010
Variety of polices will need to be adopt as a part of IRS 501 (C) 3 application
At some point, we will need to secure professional assistance, i.e. an attorney or nonprofit specialist

Harvest Fest and Buckner Homestead Centennial
Approved Centennial celebration for evening of October 8 and planning committee formed (will be expanded)
Reviewed inaugural Harvest Fest (2009) and began planning for October 9, 2010
Work days were discussed with late July and prior to the Harvest Fest in October most likely
Future external communications were discussed regarding our role, mission, and working relationship with the NPS
Discussed possible interpretative enhancements at the packing shed and Buzzard cabin