Sunday, October 13, 2013

HARVEST FEST - The Orchard and the Community


A Great Weekend!

Friday Night Stehekin Valley Music Program - 140 Attendees
Saturday Cider Pressing and Community Potluck  -  165+ Participants
Sunday Poetry Night - a dozen readers and reciters

Informed on Monday that the normal venues for Harvest Fest, (the Buckner Orchard and the Golden West Lodge), would be closed due to the government shutdown; the Stehekin Community stepped up!

Instrumental was the Stehekin School Board in providing the use of the School on Friday evening for the music program and for cider pressing and community potluck on Saturday.  Without this prompt and generous offer, Harvest Fest would not have happened this year.

As the School is cleaned on Sunday evening and was unavailable, sincere thanks to Terry Lavender for providing a warm and comfortable setting for Poetry night.
Many individuals stepped forward, allowing us to pick a truckload of apples prior to the shutdown.  Many other small details needed to be worked out now that the Orchard was unavailable.  Hauling and storing the apples, disposing of the cider mash as to not attract bears to the school, and more.  Without hesitation, community member and friends were there!
With a standing-room-only crowd, the Friday night program was lively, and entertaining, with a dose of Valley history.  Peggy Ann Courtney, Mary Denmead, Patty Wilsey, Liz and Tom Courtney, The End of the Road Band, "The Andrew Sisters," and spirited sing-along's of Valley favorites made this an event to be remembered!  Rocking the School from 7-8:30 PM, the program was followed by music for dancing and listening from Agnes on Fire, an aberration of The End of the Road Band.  This was an excellent kick off to Harvest Fest 2013!  And, many thanks to JoAnne Reiter and Mark Scherer for thier planning for this event.

Truly the result of a community's commitment and effort, Saturday was busy, relaxing, entertaining, filling, and very enjoyable.  Serenaded first by big band music typical of the Orchard in its hey-day, then live with Imus and the Mud Flows, this was a day to forget about the many consequences of the shutdown to this small community and to celebrate the Community and the Buckner Orchard.
Under the best of circumstance, this was a great Harvest Fest Weekend.  Under the circumstances overlaying the Valley this year, this was a marvelous weekend!  The Stehekin Valley and Community truly shined!  Many, many thanks to all who made it so.
Harvest Fest celebrates the Buckner Orchard and the Stehekin Community.  This year, it was a little more about community.
See you next year!

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Friday, August 23, 2013


October 4-5

Over the past four years, Harvest Fest at the Buckner Orchard has evolved to become more than a one-day event.  For the fourth consecutive year, a Friday evening program at the Golden West Lodge will kick-off our celebration of the Buckner Homestead and Orchard as an important part of our Stehekin Valley heritage.
Stehekin Valley Music - Across Generations

Live at the Golden West Lodge, enjoy an evening celebrating the musical heritage of the Valley.  Featuring talented local musicians, sing-along's with Mary Denmead, The End of the Road Band, Peggy Ann Courtney, displays, and more, this is a do-not-miss gathering!

7 PM, Friday, October 4, at the Golden West Lodge,  Be there! 

Fifth Annual Harvest Fest

Be a part of another great day of picking apples, making cider, the community potluck, and the musical entertainment of Stehekin's own The End of the Road Band. 

Saturday, October 5, The Buckner Orchard, Stehekin

10 AM - The picking and pressing begins!

Be sure to bring containers for the cider.

1 PM  - Community potluck, great music, and visiting with old friends and new.

Chili with all the fixing's, table service, plates, cups, lemonade, and coffee are provided.

Bring  lawn chairs if you have them.

Need something in Stehekin?  Follow this link to the Foundation web site and all the connections you need.  Find it in Stehekin