Friday, August 27, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Fourteen adults and two very enthusiastic youngsters accomplished much to be proud of on an unadvertised work day at the Buckner Orchard on Monday, July 26.

Anchored by a large contingent from Walla Walla, ditches were cleaned with weed eaters, and encroaching seedling pines and cottonwoods were removed from Buckner Lane, the main irrigation ditch, and the pasture. Significant weed eating around young and old trees to reduce mouse habitat took place over two days, with the return of two very dedicated "weed eaters" for a second day.

Additionally, summer pruning of water suckers and the cleaning and removal of vegetation and roots help ensure a better flow of water to the orchard for the remainder of the season.

Volunteers also assisted chief orchardist, Laurie Thompson, to add a second large gate through the elk/bear fence.

Work parties are organized by the Foundation and posted to our website. Assistance at the orchard is always needed and most welcome, whether it be one person for several hours or a small group for any period of time. Contact the Foundation at or Laurie at the orchard to arrange to volunteer.